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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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else. >> joe: "shogun" looks like he's going for the choke. couldn't get it all the way through. >> mike: fellow brazilian pedro had randy in a victory walking with a limp for quite a number of weeks. "shogun" has got to do something damaging to brandon now that he has him in this position. a nice knee. >> joe: good upper cut. >> mike: this is our main event of the ufc on fox. "shogun" rua and brandon vera. third round. fight scheduled for five, five-minute rounds. >> joe: nice. very nice by brandon! >> in the final two fights, dana white said the man who wins most impressively will get the next title shot. >> joe: huge accommodation for brandon vera.
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>> mike: the fight between jon jones-dan henderson fight. machido won by knockout. now these guys are going back and forth. battling over and over again. >> joe: kick by brandon. oblique kick. combination by vera. >> mike: "shogun" and vera clinch. >> joe: and the trip. >> mike: back on top. >> joe: brandon has to get out from under the bottom. >> mike: both men are taking shots. >> joe: minute-and-a-half to go. brandon has to suck it up. this fight is within his grasp, mike. >> mike: halfway. first down on the leg to get the other leg free. vera utilizing but sneaking free is "shogun." >> joe: yeah.
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>> mike: any second now he is going to mown him, kicking the right leg out. >> joe: brandon can turn this in a deep half. he will slide his body down. this is actually not bad for brandon if he knows what position to slide his body down. sure he is recognizing that. back to half guard. not much time. brandon has to get up. use the under hook on the left side and stand up. that is what he needs on the left side. >> mike: what we are seeing here tonight live on fox is a spectacular display, joe, of all the skills that encompass mixed martial arts. >> joe: absolutely. we're seeing heart and will to win. the will to achieve victory. do what you have to do. right now, brandon v to find it. 30 seconds left. find a sweep. all the skills, all the intangibles.
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>> mike: three rounds are complete. two rounds remain.
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look at this knee by brandon vera. fell backwards with it and here is "shogun" with the ground and pound to the end of the round. what a fight this is. >> mike: "shogun" rua has made it deep in the five-round fight. and this is unchartered territory for brandon vera. he didn't go deep. >> yes, it was. ufc 77. >> body by brandon. brandon taking control of the stand-up here early in the fourth. in that fight brandon broke his hand early in the fight
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with a left hook. >> broken left hook. >> "shogun," lasted five-round battles. >> joe: "shogun" again looking the take-down. interesting. so rare to see "shogun" be the guy trying to take fighters down. >> mike: for vera, it was five years ago in cincinnati that he fought silva. >> joe: that this is a victory in and of itself that "shogun" wants to take him down. you would think that "shogun" is happy with anybody. >> mike: with the background of vera, i find vera looking for takedown. >> joe: knee to the body and nice one to the head by "shogun." yeah, i would have thought the same thing, mike. brandon rarely takes guys down. >> mike: aggressive in reverse. brandon has the tie clinch here. see if brandon can get see t knee off. >> joe: took one to the thigh. he's hampered by having his back to the capable right now, though.
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that last round was a brutal one. he's absolutely exhausted. in a fight like this, it becomes a war of attrition. henderson was badly beaten in the first two round, "shogun" comes back. it was mounted on -- he was mounted on dan henderson for most of the round. brandon attempted a sweep there. and the trip. >> mike: so many areas statistically. the one advantage that "shogun" has had in this battle thus far are the strikes. look at that! >> joe: left hook. >> mike: that left hook. nice elbow by brandon. nice right elbow as well. >> joe: a big upper cut by "shogun"! >> mike: brandon is throwing the combination of a straight right, left hook and
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right left kick. >> joe: it's the heart and will of a man who wants to be a champion again. >> mike: and a man who dreams to be a champion. >> joe: this is an absolutely grueling fight, mike. these guys are just gutting it out at this point. the amount of punishment that both men have taken. that is one of the things that wears a fighter out. it's not just the pace of the fight. it's the impact on your body. the shots that you have taken that zap your strength. there we go. separated again.
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>> mike: joe, you mentioned earlier his fight with tim silva. my memory did serve me correctly. that was a three-round fight. this is vera's first fight go this deep. silva lost the title. >> joe: yeah. >> mike: that was back in cincinnati. >> joe: a combination. >> mike: oh, the deep upper cut. right-hand by "shogun." nice by "shogun." looking to finish it right here. it is all over! "shogun" has beaten vera in the fourth! [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: that was a war. that was a real war.
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man, who do you pick for the title? him or machido? >> mike: we come back. yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. new kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good.
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>> mike: mauricio "shogun" rua, fourth round. fought with machido in this building and recently with henderson tonight, he earns a victory stopping brandon vera here in the fourth round. of a hard-fought battle. both men. here is bruce buffer with the official decision. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, referee herb dean stopped the contest at 1:09 of round number four. declared winner by tko, mauricio "shogun" rua! [ cheers & applause ]
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>> mike: 4:09 in the fourth, the victory. >> joe: i'm with the winne winner, mauricio "shogun" rua, the former light heavyweight champion. congratulations on your victory. your thoughts on the fight? how tough of a fight was it for you? >> i'm happy to fight. thank you. thank you very much, you guys. >> joe: this is the second war that you have been in. two really tough, grueling fights. the henderson fight and now this one. did anything surprise you about brandon vera in this fight? >> he's a good fighter. i have respect for him. but i'm a tiger. [ inaudible ] >> joe: you don't feel this was your best.
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why do you say that? >> [speaking foreign language] >> the most important thing was the victory. i respect brandon. he had a good fight. let's see what happens next. >> joe: why do you say, though, this was not your best? >> translator: i in the second and the third round more than i expected. >> joe: congratulations to "shogun." this is a very important victory for you. congratulations on your victory. looking forward to seeing you again. mauricio "shogun" rua, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers & applause ] >> mike: mauricio "shogun" rua wins a back-and-forth battle. shows guts, determination. and the desire to lead.
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move of the fight brought to you by mote row pcs, the official wireless partner of the ufc. stuns him there. boom! followed it up with the left hook. a big left hand. mouthpiece, misaligned. the fight is over. "shogun," the victor. should you give it to the man who has the one-punch knockout or the man who fought through adversity and got out of the deep waters to win the fight? our metro pcs move of the fight. the finish by mauricio "shogun" rua. curt menefee asked all the fans around the world earlier to cast your vote on twitter. of who you think will earn the right to fight the winner of jon jones-dan henderson. 50% say machido. 19% say "shogun" rua. will ufc president dana white agree? we will find out when we come back, live on fox. joe rogan live with dana
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white to tell you who will get the next shot at the ufc light heavyweight title. 
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the ufc on fox is sponsored by -- >> mike: four spectacular fights here tonight. live on fox. so much on the line in the final two light heavyweight battles. with more, here is joe rogan with ufc president dana white. >> joe: what a night! mike swick, joe lauzon, lyoto machido, "shogun," everyone brought it. amazing fight. the important thing is the two main fights of the knight, the light heavyweight fight.
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one of the winners will get a shot. the most impressive one at the light heavyweight title. who is it going to be? >> i couldn't agree with you more. there was a lot of talk about brandon vera coming in the fight. you can't put a ranking or a number on heart and determination. and you saw how bad that kid wanted it tonight. i'm -- i couldn't be happier for him. he fought like a warrior tonight. >> joe: he truly did. he fought with every ounce of his being. when he dropped, that is all he had left. he gave it all inside the octagon. beautiful performance. >> i agree 100%. now, the question everybody has been waiting for. here is the answer: the answer i think lyoto machido looked the most impressive tonight. lyoto machido right now seems to have this fire in him. he has this fire in him. he wants it. he wants that title back. he wants that shot at jon jones. everything i see in this guy's performance in the way that he acts and the things that he says shows me that he wants this title shot. and lyoto, you are going to get it buddy. >> joe: i couldn't be
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happier for that. i agree with you 100%. i thought his performance was spectacular. flawless. brilliantly faceded punch. he is the man. he is the guy to challenge, the only guy to win a round against jon jones. with some adjustments it could be spectacular fight. if jon jones gets through dan henderson. >> mike: thank you. i made that mistake earlier in week. >> he still has to fight dan henderson. and dan henderson is nasty. this guy is a legend-killer. he has knockout power on both hands. jones has to get through him first. whoever wins that fight. they will face machido. >> joe: if henderson when he is is arguably the greatest mixed martial arts fighter in the sport. he held two consecutive titles, strike force strikeout and knockout. an amazing fight and it's coming up. what is going to happen next is the winner will face lyoto "the dragon" machido for the light heavyweight title. back to you, curt, at the fox desk.
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>> curt: thanks, joe and dana white. our fans on the twitter poll thought lyoto machido deserved the next shot. dana white agrees. but randy you think rua was more impressive in the way he won tonight. >> randy: absolutely, in a five-round fight, championship territory, in the fourth round with an amazing performance by brandon vera, the brandon vera we are used to seeing three or four years ago. he let it hang out and threw everything but the kitchen sink at rua. rua weathered it and landed his own shots along the way and they both damaged each other. it was anism pressive victory. machido is an enigma in the sport at that weight class. nobody can nail him down and figure him out. bader was no different. it's always impressive what machido is able to do but i was more impressed by the guts and determination by rua tonight. >> curt: how do you see it? >> brian: i agree with dana white. machido is the guy. he did win a round against jon jones and the way he has come back after losing the tite to jon jones he is the most interesting matchup for dan henderson or jon jones.
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now it doesn't take anything away from the "shogun-"brandon vera fight. i agree with randy, it was an amazing performance by both guys. but i think for the fans and what is going to sell better, what is going to be the bigger pay-per-view it's lyoto machido versus the winner dan henderson-jon jones in my opinion. >> curt: that fight, henderson-jones is september 1. ufc 151. by the way, dan henderson will be live with the guys on fuel during the post-game show. he will talk about what he saw tonight. and probably, i'm guessing, somewhere along the way talk about the jon jones fight. all right, we know that is in the future. lyoto machido against one of those guys but here is a look ahead at what is happening next week in denver with the ufc lightweight title will be on the line. ♪ ♪ >> you are looking for finish. >> you can never count this kid out. >> not giving the belt up very easily. >> the gut kick! >> oh, no! >> crazy! what a fight! what a fight!
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>> i just want to beat him up for the second time. >> dan henderson will notdefend. i'm taking it back home. >> ufc lightweight title is on the line. ♪ ♪ >> curt: and that should be a good one. all right, the n.f.l. is back. fox's preseason coverage begins on thursday, august 16. as the bengals take on matt ryan and the falcons. then on friday, august 17, matt stafford and the lions head to baltimore to face off against ray lewis and the ravens. both begin at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on fox. up next, local news, followed by episodes of "touch" and "30 seconds to fame." check out fuel tv coming up next for the live post-fight show. dan henderson will be live with jay glazer and the gang. for randy couture, brian stann, and our entire fox crew, i'm curt menefee. you are watching the ufc on fox.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc this is fox 5 news at 10:00. good evening and thanks for joining us, right off the top, a danger of severe weather for us tomorrow. let's get to gwen in the fox 5 weather center. gwen. >> we are keeping a close eye on a potent cold front that has been moving its way across the midsection of the country and headed straight for us. let's take a welcome look at our weather map. the entire area is under a risk of severe weather. we could see some strong storms popping up as we head into the hours of the afternoon and into the evening. so definitely something that bares watching. right now, not a lot happening on satellite radar in our area. we had a few popup showers here and there, but let's take a look at radar where we are already starting to see to the west some pretty strong storms that are popping up as a result of this particular frontal system and you can see there's
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been some severe warnings and watches in effect through parts of western areas of ohio and a long and ahead of that frontal system. this definitely is something we need to watch. it created a lot of problems in its past so far. we will have to see how things hold up tomorrow, especially with the heat and humidity. we will be in an unstable air mass. temperatures have been really on the upside today into the mid 90s. it's still warm outside. 87 degrees right now at national airport. it is 85 in annapolis. 79 degrees at manassas. 84 at hagerstown. 89 at quantico. the humidity still kicking in. take a look at the heat in d.c. this is what it feels like right now. it feels like it's 93 degrees right now at national airport. so that's a pretty good indication of where we are headed. temperatures up tomorrow as well. i'll have more details in my full forecast. back to you. >> residents in the blooming dale section of d.c. want answers about why their
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neighborhood flood so badly and what will be done about it. you might remember this scene from earlier this summer at a community meeting today, d.c. water officials told homeowners they are working on a solution, but they are not working fast enough. >> we need to know you are all actually going to be doing something. you haven't even -- okay, we've had three already. >> are you satisfied? you should not be until you figure out what is going to happen. >> the officials at that meeting say there is no other part of the district that is having the flooding problems that bloomingdale is having. want to remind you, you can stay ahead of this bad weather by checking the weather with our fox 5 weather app. down load it on your droid, iphone, or ipad. you can also find it on our
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website, election day is getting closer. the latest jobs number inches unemployment up, even though more than 160,000 jobs were created in july. rick breaks it all down. >> with the addition of 163,000 jobs in july, democrats pointing at strong growth as a sign the country is emerging from a recession. president obama focusing on the employment survey, which showed better than expected gains. >> that means that we have now created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months. and 1.1 million new jobs so far this year. those are our neighbors and family members finding work. >> but republicans emphasizing a small up tick in the country's employment rate. up from 8.2% the previous month. >> we've had 42 straight months with unemployment over
10:26 pm
8%. this has been an extraordinary series of policy failure on the part of the president. >> the labor of statistics saying the unemployment rate was unchanged. rising from 8.217 in june to 8.254% in july. the stock market rallying on friday's jobs report with the dow jones industrial average jumping more than 200 points. among those hardest hit by unemployment, veterans. for all veteran, the rate stays stands at 6.9%. but for veterans in afghanistan and iraq, that figure rises to 8.9%. >> the fact is, the unemployment rate among post 9/11 veterans is 2 points higher than it is the population on average. we think that's immoral and unconscionable. >> the white house stressing the importance of not reading too much into one monthly report. many economists agree it's best used as a long-term guide. in new york, fox news.
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>> republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, says the jobs report is the latest in an extraordinary series of policy failures. romney told voters in indiana that the numbers prove president obama's approaches aren't working, but he said the country is poised to make a comeback. he spoke briefly at a restaurant where he was supporting tea party member, richard murdoch, who beat long time moderate republican, senator richard in the primary. president obama spent his 51st birthday today golfing and then headed for camp david with family and friends. campaign workers in oakland, california, were kept busy cleaning up vandalism at a campaign office. the window at the office was shattered while protesters marched last night. they also smashed several car windows. the president will be back on the campaign trail monday with fundraisers in connecticut. he heads west to colorado later in the week. now to a developing story out of loudoun county where the sheriff has a plan, which he hopes will finally help solve the murder of a 14-year-old
10:28 pm
girl named erica smith. the teenager disappeared ten years ago and found dead 11 days later. sheriff michael chapman announced details of his cold case initiative today at the county's first ever child victim awareness day in ashburn. audrey barnes is in the newsroom with the story. audrey. >> sheriff chapman says erica smith unsolved murder is the perfect pace for his new cold case squad. detectives have already started reviewing leads and reinterviewing witnesses in her unsolved murder. it has given erica's parents some much needed help. >> ten years ago, erica smith told her little brother she was going to a friend's house. her body was found 11 days later in a shallow grave near what's now redskins park. her case was featured at loudoun county's first ever child victim awareness day. sheriff michael chapman is hoping his new cold case squad will be able to catch her killer. >> we believe this is not a random act of violence, but rather erica knew her
10:29 pm
assailant. >> major richy heads the unit dedicated to closing unsolved murders in loudoun county. some dating back to 1969. he says the public has a role to play. >> i'm asking you to reach out to your family and friends and acquaintances and trust detectives. we know there's information out there that we don't have yet. >> new focus on erica's case is welcome news to her parents. >> we feel optimistic now, more so than we ever felt at any point in our investigation. >> why is that? >> because the amount of experience and manpower. >> child victim awareness day wasn't just about erica smith. it was one stop shopping for any parent looking for the latest innovations to keep track of their children. the fbi's free child id app is one of them. >> the best thing about this application is you are able to keep current pictures of your children, which is usually such a difficult thing to either access in the event of an
10:30 pm
emergency. it also is able to call the national center for missing and exploited children, where they can develop a poster. >> if these innovations were available when erica was missing, the outcome may have been different. he believes his cold case squad will make a difference and help detectives close the case. the sheriff's office now has a tip line dedicated to erica's case and there is still a reward available for information that leads to an arrest. we'll be putting information about all of that on our website, maurine. audrey barnes tonight. d.c. police investigating a double shooting that left one man dead. it happened overnight southeast. police found two victims suffering from gun shot wounds. they were both rushed to the hospital where one man died. he is identified as 24-year-old antwan of southeast. a reward of up to $25,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. more arrests in a crackdown
10:31 pm
on prostitution in prince georges county. a total of 70 people have been caught in an undercover sting at college park hotels. the female officers posed as prostitutes soliciting sex and online ads. they were quickly taken into custody on prostitution charges. police say prostitution is a gateway they can lead to other crimes. we are monitoring metro tonight and an update on delays on the red line. metro says those delays are now resolved. they happened when someone jumped in front of a train in rockville. that person died. trains had to run on a single track between shady grove for four hours while an investigation was underway. >> seven minutes of terror, that is what is coming tomorrow for a nasa crew with a major mission to land a rover on mars. find out what they have to do that makes this such a frightening job. >> but first, it's always been a sensitive subject, but today, moms took to the national mall to make their point about breast-feeding in public. stay right where you are
10:32 pm
because the news at 10:30 is just getting started tonight. stay with us.  i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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it's been a debate for decades and hundreds of moms made it the focus on the national mall today. it was the first ever nurse in to raise awareness about breast- feeding in public. fox 5's john hanrahan was there to find out why it mattered so much to those moms. the entertainment was definitely geared for a younger audience. many on the west front lawn were babies brought there by their parents so they could be openly nursed by their mothers. >> i totally support breast- feeding and i think it's really important that a woman feel comfortable breast-feeding in public. it's nature's way of feeding your baby if you can. >> organizers and participants agree that breast-feeding is
10:36 pm
healthier than formula feeding. in 2012, most breast-feeding women do not expect to be harassed in public and frankly we talk to more than 20 women in this crowd. the majority said they never have been. but, it still happens. >> moved to virginia beach from hawaii, only a few days ago. says she was discreetly nursing on a bench in a virginia wal- mart. >> a few people walked by like they wanted to say something and they shook their heads and they were just disgusted and turned their kids away and walked past. i never felt so uncomfortable. >> it happened to lindsey in a hospital waiting room in baltimore. >> and a nun came up to me and told me i was being disrespectful and i should cover up or leave. to which a security guard came over to my defense and said you cannot tell her to do that, which was good. but the nun stood there for another few minutes watching me to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> some among the
10:37 pm
demonstrators want legislation, making it a crime to harass a nursing mother. >> i think they are over reacting. >> debra schmidt is a tourist visiting washington from houston. >> i was a mother that breast- fed and i didn't have any issue. >> nobody bug you in public? >> nobody bugged me. i didn't expose my breast in public, but nobody gave me any aggravation, none. >> so it goes in washington, where it's hard to find unanimity on any issue. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> maryland's house of delegates set a date for a special session on gambling. the house will convene on friday, the day after the members are scheduled to come back to annapolis. maryland currently allows slot machine gambling at five locations. lawmakers will be considering an expansion to include table games and a new casino site in prince georges county. >> the misconduct trial of anne arundel county has been postponed. in may, he was indicted for
10:38 pm
misusing his security detail for personal and political gain. the indictment shows his security officers were paid to drive to parking lots where he would have sexual encounters. they need more time to prepare their case. the trial is expected to begin in january. nearly 100d.c. public schoolteachers are looking for jobs tonight after they were fired for poor performance. the next day, school officials unveiled a new evaluation process and washington teacher's union says it is going too far, too fast. fox 5 has the story. >> it is a bold plan aimed at making teachers better and greatly improving the education of students attending d.c. public schools. new teaching standards even higher than the standards implemented a few years ago. >> teaching is very different in 2012 than it was in 2008. >> schools chancellor said that time to expect even more out of her teachers. what was considered effective now won't be enough under the
10:39 pm
new plan. >> if we want radical results, if we want to move our young people from 43, 44 percent proficiency to 70% proficiency, then we have to do something radical. >> but some worry these radical changes could mean even i'm just very, very d in the concerned. don't like to be in this position. >> nathan saunders leads the washington teacher's union. he says these new teaching standards could throw a wrench in contract negotiations scheduled to begin next month. >> it's job security and money doesn't matter anymore. >> so you are willing to strike? >> well, i won't say we are willing to strike. i have to listen to what my members say. >> henderson says the new teaching standards are not unreasonable. >> as a parent, is it unreasonable or is it reasonable to think that if a teacher can't perform after three years, that you would continue to want your student
10:40 pm
in that teacher's classroom? >> they hope to provide more training. the teacher's union is in the process of getting in touch with all of its members, trying to figure out what to do next. in the district, matt acklin, fox 5 news. >> it was supposed to be a thank you gift, but it left an awful lot of customers with big headaches. we'll tell you what southwest airlines did that took a huge chunk out of passenger's wallets. >> and regardless of your opinion on gay rights, you can't deny a fast food chain has definitely stirred things up. are these people all supporters or all supporters? on the other side of the break.
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a shareable pool of data to power up to 10 different devices. add multiple smartphones to your plan, so everyone in your family can enjoy unlimited talk and text. the first plan of its kind. share everything. get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99.
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lip locks outside didn't stop loyal chick-fil-a customers from lining up inside during a protest yesterday. this was the scene in silver spring. as jeremy campbell reports, the fast food chain known for staying closed on sundays has become a new symbol in the debate over gay rights.
10:44 pm
>> sarah davidson and laura cooperman shared a kiss in front of chick-fil-a. hopeful for their own rights to marry. >> we desperately want to marry. we are engaged. >> they joined a group of 30 others. >> we are here doing what we can. >> responding to a statement made by the company's ceo, declaring his support of marriage between a man and a woman only. >> i don't support any company or any business that promotes hate and i feel that there should be quality for everyone. no matter race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. >> phyllis says she supports marriage after more than 60 years with her husband, but she doesn't support this protest. >> i don't like it. we go home, we go in the house. we live our life. you all are out here vocal about it. i mean, why do you want the whole world to know you do it different? that's what i can't understand. >> and not understanding each
10:45 pm
other's point of view is what made the chick-fil-a debate spread like wild fire online. >> you know, within an hour, people are meeting at a certain place and they are involved and engaged. >> some chose to spend their money elsewhere. hamburger mary's offers a no hate sandwich. >> they know they can come here to a company that is going to support their right and free will to choose who they want to be with. >> others spent their money at chick-fil-a. but this group says they won't. >> i feel they can have their opinion. what i don't like is their view and i'm not going to support them with my money, my gay dollars. >> nasa's curiosity will plunge through the atmosphere on sunday. the plan is for the robot to harvest a host of data and images from the red planet. nasa engineering are hoping a sky crane approach will lower the rover on to the surface. rover drivers will be back at nasa's jet lab in california.
10:46 pm
the landing sequence they have to complete is the most dangerous part and has been doved seven minutes of terror. >> we are landing a ton, a ton of vehicle that weighs 900 kilograms on the surface of another planet hundreds and millions of miles away. that is a really hard thing to do. >> this project is a decade in the making with a $2.5 billion price tag. a computer glitch caused big problems for southwest airline customers. the airline was trying to thank its online friends with a half price ticket sale. but the plan backfired and the airline ended up actually charging customers multiple times for unwanted tickets. customers reported waiting hours to speak to customer service reps. southwest officials are working to refund those charges. this has been a brutal summer for wild fires and fighting those fires can be very dangerous. now one company hopes their new creation will make things safer.
10:47 pm
their answer is a robot. fox's julie haden shows us. >> fire crews battling colorado's wild fire this summer faced rugged terrain and hazardous conditions on a daily basis. sometimes have to retreat when fire conditions become too dangerous. that's where robotic fire fighting equipment like this could come to the rescue. >> places where you don't want to send a person. that's where this goes. >> ryan was out of maine says they are debuting the robots at the fire fighting convention this weekend. >> press and hold your start button. >> it can be run from a quarter mile away, so the robot can stand in the fire line. >> the winds change, you can remotely control these to where you need them to go. >> this high drollic arm is called the guardian. it can tear down a wall or handle this water bottle. the robots stem from military designs. >> the soldier had to be able
10:48 pm
to hold this controller and his weapon at the same time. >> and now modified for fighting fires. >> this thing can take the abuse. this thing can get blown up. everything was about the safety of the soldiers. we applied it to the firemen. >> a scammer taking advantage of people who want to help the victims of the shooting. find out what that scammer did, that left the shooting survivors upset. but first, we all know how to find it even if we don't want to watch it. movies on hotel televisions has nothing to do with this video. but now some organizations want to make sure you can never find those type of videos again. we'll explain when fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> some major hotel chains are being accused of not being family friendly. now several prom that night
10:52 pm
religious groups are calling on those to get adult content out of the bedroom. lauren green has more. >> in a jointly authored letter, christian and muslim scholars are calling on hotels to ban adult entertainment in rooms at the commitment to human dignity and the common good. >> instead of trying to move people by protests and demonstrations and threats of boycotts, we would make a simple appeal to the consciouses of the corporate executives whose businesses have gotten into pornography. >> it would show that people are willing to take a stand against something that is morally wrong. despite the effect that it might have on their process. despite the effect whether or not people would go to hotels. >> steve, one of the largest producers of pornography says if people don't want to watch, they can tune out. >> these groups, these self- proclaimed morality police, they come in and they want to tell you what is best for you
10:53 pm
to watch and it never, ever works. >> we contacted all five hotels requesting interviews. in a statement, hilton hotel said all adult content is only accessible to adult guests who request access and choose to view it. hayat says it takes steps to ensure guests will not be exposed to pornography. choice hotels are independently owned and operated and the entertainment options are left to owners. >> starwood has yet to respond, but marriott is working at removing on demand adult content by switching over to an internet based system. guests can access porn that way, but the hotel will not be directly providing it. lauren green, fox news. >> police in colorado are investigating a scam involving the colorado movie theater massacre. someone built a website claiming to raise funds for victims of the deadly movie theater shooting. whoever built the site has no intention of distributing any
10:54 pm
money raised. the scam is upsetting those visiting the memorial for victims. these are predators and anyone who tries to victimize victims for their own gain or again take advantage of this horrible situation, we're going to do everything in our power to prosecute them. >> so far, no arrests have been made, but the site has been taken down. no word yet on how much money the site raised. >> an update on the health of congressman, jesse jackson, jr., jackson's wife, sandy, told the chicago sun times her husband's depression is debilitating and even caused him to collapse at their home in washington. she revealed his depression may be linked to earlier weight loss surgery. the chicago democrat has been on a secret of leave of absence for nearly eight weeks. congress called it quits for the summer despite a will the of unfinished work. lawmakers started their summer vacation friday, leaving plenty of pressing problems unsolved. among them, cuts to defense programs, a bill aimed at
10:55 pm
protecting the nation from cyber attacks, and providing a massive relief package for the country's farmers. virginia democratic congressman, gerry connolly voted to keep the house in session and cancel the august recess. >> the idea that we have a crisis that could affect jobs in this region particularly, but all around the country. and that it has to be resolved. why are we going out on recess for five long weeks? >> capitol hill will not be completely dark in the month of august. some members will show up for informal sessions, but the big ticket items will have to wait until lawmakers return in september. amtrak is in the middle of a massive food fight. lawmakers say food on the trains cost too much and in the end, it is costing millions in losses for amtrak. yesterday florida representative, john mika highlighted what he calls outrageous taxpayer subsidies. he says it cost passengers $9.50 to buy cheese burger on amtrak trains with the cost to
10:56 pm
amtrak being just over $16. >> just went into this mcdonald's and i could buy a drink for $1 and a hamburger for $1. if you buy a hamburger on amtrak, it costs a taxpayer $6.65 for every hamburger. now these people make a profit. these people lose $6.65. >> in the past ten years, amtrak losses have amounted to staggering $833 million. congress coming to a consensus on an issue. the senate and house have passed a bill to build electric car charging stations at the capitol. the recharging stations would be in the house and senate parking lots. drivers would pay an initial fee and maintenance of the stations. no word yet on how much all of this is going to cost. the redskins are cheering on the fans. today was fan appreciation day at the redskins park in ashburn. more than 24,000 fans turned
10:57 pm
out. you had a chance to see performances by the redskins marching band and the first ladies of football. of course, most of the fans were there to see robert griffin, iii. bob mcdonnell was one of them. >> able to spend a few weeks, all over the state. >> the redskins will no longer practice in ashburn. in 2013, they are moving to richmond. mcdonnell is looking forward to he gave the chairman of the board of supervisors a redskins jersey that says loudoun county number one. a dramatic rescue caught on camera in a way most of us never get to see. the u.s. park police had to struggling after he fell off a cliff. he was so far into the park, it would have taken hours to get him on a stretcher. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, they found another way to do it. >> when this is your office, a
10:58 pm
day at work can certainly get the adrenaline flowing. >> 40-year-old man fell 70 feet on to the rocks unconscious, but breathing. >> a call for help from the national park. the u.s. police were on their way. the rescue was captured on video. >> i was on the left side tethering to my life vest. >> there's a lot of trees and rocks. it got narrow in there. >> even dropping the rope was difficult. >> as if there's not enough pressure, helicopter like this under the circumstances can only hover for about five minutes before there's too much stress on the engine. so they have a small window of opportunity to make this rescue happen. on the ground, rangers from the national park had loaded the patient into a basket. >> when we got the thumbs up from the people on the ground he was packaged, we commenced the hoist. >> toughest part comes when the patient is closest to the chopper. >> that's my foot sticking
10:59 pm
out, making sure that the patient is not going to hit the skids on the helicopter. >> it's his first rescue since becoming a paramedic. >> you can only do it so many times in the field here with a dummy in a basket compared to having a real patient. >> they competed the rescue in under the 5 minutes and rushed to the hospital. >> we need to get him here as fast as we did. that's a good feeling to know we possibly saved a guy's life. >> it felt good. i sent a text to my wife. it felt nice. >> a satisfying day at the office. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. that patient was visiting the park. he is from ohio and remains in critical condition. firefighters are used to rescuing cats from trees, but what about kittens in the sewer? pulled a pair of newborn kittens that fell into a sewer yesterday afternoon. neighbors called the fire department after they heard the two-day old kittens crying. the kittens are in good health
11:00 pm


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